Ministries overview

The word liturgy comes from a Greek word meaning “public work”.  Our liturgies are a form of public worship designed to help us pray together as an assembly of Catholic believers. 

The ‘Mass’ is the most familiar Catholic liturgical celebration and is at the core of our Catholic faith.  Every Mass requires the active participation of the assembly of parishioners in the prayers, actions, responses, and songs/hymns.  In addition to the active involvement of the entire assembly in the Mass, many parishioners also offer their gifts and talents to enhance the liturgy and serve in a variety of roles before, during, and after the Mass.  These roles are known as liturgical ministries.

Liturgies are most effective or most powerful in moving us to prayer when:

  • parishioners with particular qualities are matched with the liturgical roles that call for those qualities, and
  • the liturgical ministers have been properly trained to assist in their specific ministry.

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