Liturgy Coordinator and Chair Roles

Liturgical Ministry Coordinators

Role Description

  1. Act as primary contact for your liturgical ministry re: information, recruitment, feedback, etc.
  2. Maintain up-to-date contact list of ministers including preferred service time(s)
  3. Review MSP-generated schedules for errors or omissions in your ministry area
  4. Attend ministry training sessions and participate as needed and able
  5. Assist in development/revision of ministry resources (job descriptions, checklists, protocols, etc.)
  6. Identify liturgical issues, concerns, and suggestions to improve all liturgical ministries
  7. Provide input and feedback to suggested changes in protocols/procedures for your ministry
  8. Update volunteers in your ministry of changes in protocols/procedures
  9. Attend and participate in liturgy ministry meetings

Liturgy Chair

Role Description

  1. Work with the pastor and ministry coordinators to achieve Vision and Goals
  2. Ensure good communication amongst pastor, parish council, and ministry volunteers
  3. Obtain feedback from ministry coordinators and parishioners regarding liturgies (quality and satisfaction levels, issues, concerns, suggestions for improvement, etc.)
  4. Discuss issues/concerns identified by ministers and parishioners and work to resolve them
  5. Assist coordinators in the development of ministry resources
  6. Schedule and lead liturgy ministry meetings as needed