CWL Schedule in 2018

January 9            Executive Meeting

February 9          Santa Maria Birthday Party

February 13        General Meeting

February 17        CWL Stations of the Cross

February 25        CWL Sunday

March 2              World Day of Prayer (Holy Family hosts in 2019)

March 3-4          Coffee Sunday

March 13            General Meeting

March 17-18      My Generation Youth Rally

April 1                Easter Sunday

April 10              General Meeting

April 12              Regional Meeting at Holy Child

April 29-30         Diocesan Convention in Yorkton

May 3                 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care

May 5-6              Bake Sale and Raffle

May 17               Wascana Rehabilitation Centre Birthday Party

May 18               Santa Maria Bingo Party

May 22               Windup and Social, including Installation of New Members and Presentation of Long Service Pins

June 3-4             Provincial Convention at Holy Trinity Parish

June 12               Executive Supper and Meeting

August 11-15      National Convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba

September 11    General Meeting

October 9           General Meeting

November 3-4    Bake Sale and Raffle; 2019 Membership Drive begins

November 13     General Meeting

December 12     Christmas Social