Effective September 17th, 2021, masks must be worn in the church. Daily Masses in the Archdiocese of Regina are livestreamed at 9am and can be viewed here at any time. Click here for the latest COVID-19 updates from the Archdiocese of Regina.Read More →

On September 24-25, at Holy Family Parish, we are planning to welcome Bear Woznick, Host of EWTN’s “The Bear Woznick Adventure” Radio Show, the syndicated “Long Ride Home” TV Series, and the author of the books: “Deep in the Wave: A Surfing Guide to the Soul” & “Deep Adventure: The Way to Heroic Virtue.” This Event aims to welcome up to 100 Catholic men, and any other men who strive to deepen their faith. COVID lockdowns were gruelling; businesses were adversely impacted and we began to feel evermore isolated from not only our Community, but also our Friends and Family. Emerging from these lockdowns, ourRead More →

Welcome to a general meeting on Tuesday, September 14, 2021! Mass will be at 7pm, followed by distribution of pins for years of service. Then, our meeting will be in the hall. Refreshments will be available. It will be nice to meet in person and see smiling faces!Read More →

Every June 21st, thousands of Indigenous Peoples celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day (NIPD). This is a special day to acknowledge the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada. Joining in the celebrations is a wonderful way to learn more about Indigenous Peoples and cultures in your area. Under current pandemic restrictions many of these celebrations were virtual in 2021. Links to the live events were shared in Holy Family’s June 20, 2021 bulletin. Parishioners were encouraged to participate and learn about why NIPD is so important. National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 has passed but many valuableRead More →