Pastoral Council

Holy Family Parish Pastoral Council meets once per month to discuss liturgical and operational areas of interest within the Parish. The meetings usually are held the fourth Tuesday of the month. Minutes from these proceedings are available to parishioners through the Parish office.

Chair: Miles Ciarciaglini


Secretary: Katherine Williams

Liturgy Chair: Leslie Young

Liturgy Co-Chair: Verna Angielski

Liturgy Co-Chair: Lynsey Baumgartner

Spiritual Enrichment: Shelan Schnell

Catholic Women’s League: Leona Streifel

Knights of Columbus: Jim Langen

Vocations Awareness: Erin Weir

Social Justice:

Health and Wellness: Patty Gianoli

Ecumenical: Paul Owens

Welcome: Sheila Toivenon

Stewardship: Aaron Resler

Communications: James Lipoth

Deanery representative: vacant

Responsible Parish Ministry: Ron Toogood

Pastoral Care: Marilyn Younghusband

Youth: Tayler LaBelle and Cassandra Skinner

Finance Chair: Lisa Ciarciaglini